Community of Knowledge Givers - Youth Info Hub

Hi, I’m RC Fageriya. I’m the founder of  “Youth Info Hub”, a community of Knowledge Givers. This community is to help people by sharing their knowledge. Knowledge givers will be able to monetize their knowledge in a systematic way and will be having multiple streams of continuously growing income. Knowledge Givers are going to transform thousands of lives by sharing their knowledge. This community runs on six core values are Wealth, Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, Efficiency, and Contribution

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Based on these six core values I have finalized the following code of honour for this community (Youth Info Hub).

Code of Honour for this Community(Youth Info Hub)

  • Wealth – To create multiple streams of continuously growing passive income.
  • Integrity – To maintain thoughts, words, and action aligned.
  • Commitment – To take actions for the fulfillment of MISSION.
  • Excellence – Commitment to achieve excellence in service.
  • Efficiency – To stop wasting Energy, Efforts, and Time.
  • Contribution – To give back towards the causes.

If you resonate with the values of this community, I highly recommend you to join this community and build Multiple Streams of Income while serving others.

In this community, I will provide you structured knowledge, clear direction, and a conducive environment to grow fast.

Join this community and help me in my mission i.e. “To help Mid Career Working Professionals to Achieve Wealth by Sharing Their Knowledge using MSI Setup Blueprint”.

If you want to help others by sharing knowledge but not sure where to start, how to start, and what will be the journey then attend live training by me and found the solution to your problems. Register below for the live training and be a privileged member of this community. I am eager to welcome you into this community.

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