Recommended Resources by RC Fageriya

It is very difficult to decide on Tools, Softwares, and Hardware when you are starting the journey in the online space. I have burnt my hands on shiny objects but some of them are a total waste of money. I made this highly recommended list of Tools, Softwares, Hardware, and Books to help you in deciding the same for your online journey. You can download the PDF of these recommended resources at the bottom of this page.


  • Email Marketing – Selecting the right email marketing tool will decide your future growth. I recommend two email marketing tools i.e. ConvertKit (Recommended) and GetResponse (Budget-Friendly). 
  • LMS (Learning Management System) – In the knowledge sharing business, You require a very Strong, Powerful, and User-Friendly Learning Management System. For the same I recommend Thinkific. It is a very good LMS and one of the industry leaders. Teachable is also on my recommend list for LMS. Since both are industry leaders with a lot of features, decide on anyone based on your requirement.
  • Hosting – I recommend Hostinger and Bluehost hosting as both are reliable, secure, and cheap. Both provide 30 days money-back guarantee also, in case you are not happy with their services. Both hosting companies also provide FREE domain and SSL (First year) with hosting.
  • Domain Registrar – I recommend Namecheap for domain registration. It is cheap and simple to use.
  • Funnel Builder – I recommend as it offers a Very Powerful and Drag & Drop funnel builder. It offers two plans i.e. FREE and Paid. I recommend you use the free plan for building your funnels. Its features are very powerful.
  • WordPress Theme – I recommend two themes i.e. Thrive Theme (Paid) and Astra theme (Free). Both are great themes in terms of building a website and the speed of the website. You can choose any based on your requirement.
  • Noise Cancellation – In the work from home environment noise and echo cancellation is very important during meeting and webinars. I recommend Krisp noise cancelling tool as a solution to this problem.
  • Live Streaming – I recommend StreamYard for live streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Link Shortner – For making your affiliate links or web links short and attractive, I recommend using Bitly and Cutly. You can choose any of them both are freemium tools.
  • Affiliate Programs – When you are doing online work in any industry, Affiliate programs are the one way of making passive income. You can decide on affiliate programs based on your niche. I recommend two affiliate programs (Fiverr Affiliates and Groove Affiliates) as most people need some freelancing services and funnels for their online business. 
  • Webinar Tool – Based on my knowledge and research on the internet, Demio and Zoom are recommended for doing online webinars. 
  • Personal Branded Website – When you are building your online business, Your website is the most important asset. If you can build your website yourself then it is very good otherwise you can outsource your website on Fiverr by visiting their Website Development section.
  • Designing – For all of your designing work I recommend Canva as it offers very simple Drag and Drop designing. Anyone can do designing with the help of Canva. Create your FREE account here.
  • Social Media Management – When you are doing your online business, It is not an easy task to manage your all social media accounts. You can use tools like SocialPilot and Hootsuite for the management of all your social media accounts. 
  • Payment Gateway – For payment collection of your products or services you require a payment gateway. I recommend Instamojo (Get Rupees 500 gift) and Razorpay 


  • For building your online business (Especially Knowledge Sharing), You require some software for recording, editing, and designing work. I recommend the following software for your daily digital work.


  • Hardware – When you start building your online empire, you will need some Hardware. Picking up of right things for your startup is a vital point. Wrong selection of any component for your online business may lead you to trouble or regret. We are here to help you in deciding the same for your online startup. Find our recommended list of hardware below.